ideas for those with limited time, but unlimited passion for sewing

Quick Monogrammed Totes

Adorn by Stitchtopia

If you are short on time, you can buy a nice tote bag at the store and either add a monogram, symbol or simple saying using a heat and bond method or embroidery it yourself. The bags below are stitched with an embroidery machine. The font is Adorn from Stitchtopia without the extra design pieces. […]

100 Days of School Shirt

100 Days of School Celebration

My son and his teacher loved this shirt I made for the 100 days of school celebration today. The apple and books were formed with scraps of vinyl to make the appliqué standout. The words and face are all embroidered. If you don’t have an embroidery machine you can buy the letters to iron on […]

Fleece Bed Pillow

Fleece Pillow Case

Pillows are quick and easy to make. This project is for making a soft winter pillowcase. The first step is measuring the width and length of the pillow that you want to cover. Your cutout will look like a long rectangle. Make sure that you add about 4-8 inches for the “cuff”. Fold over on […]

Floral Trifold Wallet


      After receiving a great deal on a Viking Husqvarna Designer Diamond Royale, the first thing that I made was a Trifold wallet.  This machine comes with the 350 x 200 mega hoop and can fit the 360 X 350 majestic hoop. These wallets hold six cards, a checkbook, cash and you can […]

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Football theme Diaper Case

Back Pocket to Hold Wipes

I wanted to make the Dallas Cowboy fabric appropriate for a baby girl, so I added the bright pink zipper and ribbon.  On the back of the bag there is an elastic pocket to hold wipes.

Christmas Countdown

8/18/2015 Christmas Countdown

There are only 128 days until Christmas! This banner is a quick and easy way to remind your kids that Christmas is coming soon!! If you would like to try this out yourself, the pattern is available for purchase at or you can request a custom order from me at

4 x 4 Zippered Pouches “In The Hoop”

Mini Zippered Bags

Finding and testing out new ITH(In The Hoop) patterns is my new obsession. ITH blends two of my sewing needs….making items quick and with clean professional edges. This week I found the website Fivestarfonts and it is full of freebies. I quickly made the zippered pouches below. You only need 4 pieces of 5 inch […]

How to Make Stiffened Felt

Apply Stiffening Spray.

Many crafts and embroidery projects require stiffened felt. Rather than go and buy extra felt, just use the pieces of felt in your stash and make it yourself! Cut open a Jo-Ann’s plastic bag and placed a piece of felt on it. The next step is to apply a Fabric Stiffening Spray about 6-8 from […]

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