ideas for those with limited time, but unlimited passion for sewing

Fabric Box with a Twist

After studying different blogs on making fabric boxes. I decided to add my own twist that works best for me. The result was the following: You can find an array of tutorials on my Pinterest account at

Maxi-Skirt Two Ways

maxi-skirt with belt

Do you have time to sew one seam and a fold-over tunnel for elastic using one yard of fabric? If you answered yes, then you can sew a skirt that can also be a cute dress! Check out for the pattern. Below is the pattern with a belt: Below is the pattern as a […]

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Easy Bathroom Organizer Tutorial

organized sink!

I woke up this morning and was irritated after looking at the hair products, lotions, etcetera on my sink unorganized. After looking around in my sewing studio, I found a 13.5″ by 10.5″ piece of plastic canvas and scrap fabric to solve my problem. I cut the plastic canvas into four 6.5″ by 5″ pieces. […]

Quick and Easy Crib Sheet


Do you have 2 yards of fabric, elastic, sewing machine and thread? Well you can make a crib sheet for your baby or as a gift! First step is to cut out 8″ by 8″ squares from all corners( I measured using Omnigrid Ruler). In a previous tutorial, called St. Patrick’s Day Drawstring Bags with […]

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How to “Upgrade” a plain Onesie

star baby

After receiving the good news that one of my friends was expecting a new baby, I started looking for all kinds of cute embroidery designs. Since she is still in the first trimester and does not know the sex of the baby yet, I picked a unisex design and color. I finally learned how to […]

Quick Car Freshener Tutorial

lavender car freshener pouch

Today I saw a muslin type pouch hanging in this vehicle and thought, wait I can make something like that!! Once in my sewing room, I quickly cut out a rectangle piece of fabric (4.5″ by 9″, a strip of ribbon (17″), and a strip of butterfly trim (8″). I folded the piece of fabric […]

Ups and Downs of Learning Machine Embroidery

Formula one appliqué

The last few weeks have been filled with excitement and frustration. I finally, after almost three years of ownership, started using my Viking Husqvarna 600e machine to make embroidery projects. I only bought this particular brand of machine because it came with free classes at the local Jo-Ann’s store. Unfortunately I moved the next month […]

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Embroidered Handmade French Organic Lavender Pouch


One of the items that I sell in my Etsy store are lavender pouches. I love the way my whole sewing room smells of lavender after opening the sealable bag for a few minutes. Organic truly makes a difference. These bags are made using muslin, Sulky embroidery thread, stabilizer, and French organic lavender. If you […]

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