Ideas for Those with Limited Time, but Unlimited Passion for Sewing

Are they clean or dirty?

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few months ago and saw this magnet that said “Clean….Dirty”. I asked the cashier what it was for and she explained the dishwasher. Fast forward to this week and my son loading dirty dishes on top of the clean ones in the dishwasher. I did not feel like making the trip to buy the magnet and prevent this from happening again, so I went to my sewing room. I pulled out a scrap of Roc muslin and stabilizer and set up my embroidery machine. I keyed in the words “Clean” and “Dirty” let my machine work her magic. I pressed the finished embroidered fabric and cut it to the shape of my magnet(used one of those you get free from businesses). I rushed on the cutting and it is not even, but still functional. This is why I normally use my rotary cutter. Regardless, I pressed the edges and then sprayed Elmer’s Craft Bond on both the embroidered fabric and magnet. In order to give it a longer life, I applied iron-on vinyl. This project was thrown together on a whim so I did not take pictures of the process. Thinking of trying this again for something else, so I will update this tutorial at that time.Close-up dishwasher magnetimageimage

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