Ideas for Those with Limited Time, but Unlimited Passion for Sewing


4 x 4 Zippered Pouches “In The Hoop”

Finding and testing out new ITH(In The Hoop) patterns is my new obsession. ITH blends two of my sewing needs….making items quick and with clean professional edges. This week I found the website Fivestarfonts and it is full of freebies. I quickly made the zippered pouches below. You only need 4 pieces of 5 inch […]

How to Make Stiffened Felt

Many crafts and embroidery projects require stiffened felt. Rather than go and buy extra felt, just use the pieces of felt in your stash and make it yourself! Cut open a Jo-Ann’s plastic bag and placed a piece of felt on it. The next step is to apply a Fabric Stiffening Spray about 6-8 from […]

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

This year I decided to make my Father something special for his birthday. He loves the Lord, his family, his country, fishing and of course Seminole football. I decided to find things that represented his passions and put them in a collection of six handkerchiefs. I just love the personal touch of embroidery!

Fabric Box with a Twist

After studying different blogs on making fabric boxes. I decided to add my own twist that works best for me. The result was the following: You can find an array of tutorials on my Pinterest account at

Maxi-Skirt Two Ways

Do you have time to sew one seam and a fold-over tunnel for elastic using one yard of fabric? If you answered yes, then you can sew a skirt that can also be a cute dress! Check out for the pattern. Below is the pattern with a belt: Below is the pattern as a […]

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Easy Bathroom Organizer Tutorial

I woke up this morning and was irritated after looking at the hair products, lotions, etcetera on my sink unorganized. After looking around in my sewing studio, I found a 13.5″ by 10.5″ piece of plastic canvas and scrap fabric to solve my problem. I cut the plastic canvas into four 6.5″ by 5″ pieces. […]

Quick and Easy Crib Sheet

Do you have 2 yards of fabric, elastic, sewing machine and thread? Well you can make a crib sheet for your baby or as a gift! First step is to cut out 8″ by 8″ squares from all corners( I measured using Omnigrid Ruler). In a previous tutorial, called St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Drawstring Bags with […]

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How to “Upgrade” a plain Onesie

After receiving the good news that one of my friends was expecting a new baby, I started looking for all kinds of cute embroidery designs. Since she is still in the first trimester and does not know the sex of the baby yet, I picked a unisex design and color. I finally learned how to […]

Quick Car Freshener Tutorial

Today I saw a muslin type pouch hanging in this vehicle and thought, wait I can make something like that!! Once in my sewing room, I quickly cut out a rectangle piece of fabric (4.5″ by 9″, a strip of ribbon (17″), and a strip of butterfly trim (8″). I folded the piece of fabric […]

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