Ideas for Those with Limited Time, but Unlimited Passion for Sewing


Ups and Downs of Learning Machine Embroidery

The last few weeks have been filled with excitement and frustration. I finally, after almost three years of ownership, started using my Viking Husqvarna 600e machine to make embroidery projects. I only bought this particular brand of machine because it came with free classes at the local Jo-Ann’s store. Unfortunately I moved the next month […]

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Embroidered Handmade French Organic Lavender Pouch

One of the items that I sell in my Etsy store are lavender pouches. I love the way my whole sewing room smells of lavender after opening the sealable bag for a few minutes. Organic truly makes a difference. These bags are made using muslin, Sulky embroidery thread, stabilizer, and French organic lavender. If you […]

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Are they clean or dirty?

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few months ago and saw this magnet that said “Clean….Dirty”. I asked the cashier what it was for and she explained the dishwasher. Fast forward to this week and my son loading dirty dishes on top of the clean ones in the dishwasher. I did not feel […]

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I Love Craftsy!

I love taking Craftsy classes for sewing. My husband takes the art classes. The interaction that you can have with the teachers is amazing. Being able to watch the videos over and over again, take notes, and everything be saved no matter whether you login on your phone, tablet or computer is unbelievable. I’m looking […]

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