Ideas for Those with Limited Time, but Unlimited Passion for Sewing

Easy Bathroom Organizer Tutorial

I woke up this morning and was irritated after looking at the hair products, lotions, etcetera on my sink unorganized. After looking around in my sewing studio, I found a 13.5″ by 10.5″ piece of plastic canvas and scrap fabric to solve my problem.
6.5" by 5" plastic canvas

I cut the plastic canvas into four 6.5″ by 5″ pieces. I also cut up eight pieces of 6.75″ by 5.25″ thick fabric. In order to do this project quickly, I used my serger. Yes, I was lazy and did not switch out the thread from the Crib Sheet Tutorial! One of the beautiful things about some projects is that the inside thread will never be seen. I matched up the pieces two by two and serged them. sewing two pieces

serged side pieces Next I lined up the sets of fabric pieces matching up the seamsand serged them all together until it looked like this:eight sewn pieces

I pulled the fabric out wrong sides together square right sides out

and pressed.sewing sides down

In order to get the plastic canvas pieces to stay in place, I sewed in the the ditch at each corner section.sewing in the ditch

Each piece of plastic canvas was inserted in each section. I did have to use my rotary cutter to trim down just a bit, but it is better for piece to be too big than too small! inserting canvas pieces

inserted plastic canvas 2

Last piece of this project is covering up the exposed edges. You can use bias or hand sew these edges close. Since the fabric that I used was sturdy, I just roughly measured around the four edges for length (it was about 21 inches) and cut the fabric 3 inches for width. I folded and pressed the piece and then folded the edges in the middle.

folded 3 inch piece

folded down in half again

I went to my sewing machine and using my sewing foot as my measure, sewing 1/4 an inch all around. I also reinforced the section where the two pieces overlapped. covering up open ends

sewing closure

meeting two ends

All finished! Another quick and easy sewing project completed!

finished product upright view

finished product side view

organized sink!

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