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Floral Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Don’t you just love the feel of silk and sheer fabrics, but hate how difficult they are to sew with?? Well there are a lot of tricks out there to help with these issues. This tutorial will focus on a few ways that I make working with these fabrics easier.

One of my favorite notions are Clover Wonder Clips. Crucial to use these instead of pins when you are working with sheer or delicate fabric. I mentioned these on my Linen Infinity Scarf blog entry. In my sewing room I do not have a closet, so I used my lamp as a pinning post. If you have a closet nearby, use a wire or thin hangar for this next step. For the scarf, right sides must be together and laid out in a rectangular shape. You need at least 16 inches of fabric with a length of 42″ or more length. The longer your fabric the more you will be able to wrap it around your neck. This piece was 16″ by 47″. Fabric should hang like this:fabricsinglehang

Use the clips all around the edges, then fold in half and then again:


Fabric folded in half once.


Fabric folded in half twice.


By doing it this way, you will easily see if the fabric is even all the way down the rectangular part of the tube. On my piece, there was a section with about 1/2 to 1″ inch of extra fabric in one section.

photo (8) Although I planned on serging, I did not plan on using the knife on my serger.  If I did not cut off this excess fabric, it would bunch up and possibly cause my serger thread to not be flush with the fabric.   Only solution was to trim this section and set-up my serger. trimmingfabricBrotherSerger
Another good thing about using the clips is that they are so big and bright that you will have an extra reminder to remove them while serging or sewing so that your machine is not messed up. Your piece should look like this:sergingedges

serged endingsOnce you finish serging or sewing, pull fabric out through the tube. Make sure that there are no gaps or mistakes in your stitching. Line up the circular ends of the tube and clip. Set-up your sewing machine for basting stitch. Singersettingsforbasting It is important that you test stitch by basting because of the delicate natural of these types of fabric.  If you make a mistake and have to take out the “permanent” stitches, you will probably tear or worse, ruin your fabric beyond repair.  That being said, basting also helps to make sure that the tube ends match up perfectly. After I finished my basting the result looked like this:reasontobaste Not all was lost with my mistake because I never cut my selvage edges until I’m doing my final stitch.  I just used my seam ripper in a few places and stretched the fabric out evenly all around and added clips to hold it all in place.   photo 2 (4)As I wanted to evenly cut off the selvage edges at this point, I turned on the knife function and slowly started to serge all around making sure to leave at least 2″ for pulling the fabric back out.  As you start to sew you will notice that you run out of room to sew. Once this happens, first make sure that you needle is all the way down in the fabric, then start to stuff the fabric inside the tube. Your piece should look similar to below once you finish sewing:serged tube I removed the remaining basting stitches and pull the fabric back through the hole, pressed the opening and then hand-sewed it using the ladder method.

photo 1 (4)

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2 thoughts on “Floral Infinity Scarf Tutorial

  • C Hargress says:

    Looking good my dear!

  • Thanks for the step by step tutorial together with its photo to be easier to follow. Infinity scarf can be made in different style and fabric based on what the owner preferred the most. And your infinity scarf is looking good, perfect for some flower festival I think.

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