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Mending Jeans with Diary of a Wimpy Kid

For whatever reason my youngest son always gets a hole in the left leg of his jeans. hole in jeans I decided to take him with me to Jo-Ann’s to look at fabric to over the hole. My son is six years old and has read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and watched all the movies more times that I can count. So imagine his excitement when he saw two fabric bolts with Wimpy Kid designs on them.Wimpy kid fabric prints All the character fabric was on sale for 50% off, so I bought about two yards for this and future projects. I cut out a piece large enough to cover above and below the hole around the knee area of his jeans. I serged three of the edges, washed and dried the piece(It is not necessary to serge or a selvage edge, as it will not unravel in the wash. loped diper fabric I then pressed the piece and edges under so that I could sew it on the jeans with the correct fit.
It is impossible to use a traditional sewing machine to mend jeans all the way around, but I was able to sew the top and bottom. image
I hand-sewed the long edges, which was tedious but easy. I overlapped and used small stitches so that this mending job would make it through multiple washes or until at least the next hole!
sewing the edges

My son loves the look and can’t wait to wear his “new jeans” to school.

diary jeans

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