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Mini-Coupon Snap Pouch

In order to get my store coupons out my grocery coupon pouch(I have to keep my 10 Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons somewhere, right?), I decide to quickly whip up this little pouch.finished open pouch
I still had a large enough scrap from my cylinder bag leftover, so I decided to use that fabric. I cut a 5″ by 18″ strip from the fat quarter and a 4.5″ by 17.5″ piece of 950f Pellon interfacing. strip of fabric

fabric with interfacing

I pressed the interfacing to fuse it to the fabric on the wrong side. press interfacing With right sides together, match up edges and begin to sew both long sides together. Leave an opening of about 2 inches on the open end of the fabric. fused fabric

sewing pieces together

Trim edges and then pull fabric out to expose right sides. I use a knitting needle to flatten my corners. Be extremely careful not to push too hard or you will make a hole through your fabric. trimming edges

flatten corners

flatten corner

Press fabric…even up the open edge’s hem, press that down and stitch all around. press flat

press edge hem

Line the fabric up so that you have at least 2 inches at the top. It should look like this:
pressed prepared edge

Double stitch starting half an inch before the part of the pouch where both pieces join. Then single stitch down to the bottom of that side of the pouch and repeat for the other side. top stitching and sewing pouch together

Pick out the style of snap that you want for your pouch. I used these Dritz snaps. whitesnaps Mark the section on both sides where you will place the snaps. I centered my snaps and quickly added them with the tool provided in the kit. snap mark

snap tool

finished top snap

snap tool for second snap

Your finished product should look like this:

snaps added

finished pouch

coupons added

finished closed pouch

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