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Quick and Easy Crib Sheet

Do you have 2 yards of fabric, elastic, sewing machine and thread? Well you can make a crib sheet for your baby or as a gift!

First step is to cut out 8″ by 8″ squares from all corners( I measured using Omnigrid Ruler). omnigridrulerremovedsquare In a previous tutorial, called St. Patrick’s Day Drawstring Bags with a Twist, I explained how you can use these leftover pieces to make drawstring bags. foursquares

afterthecuts Next step is to fold over and sew the corner pieces together. sergingpiecesI used my serger, but you can stitch a straight hem and then zigzag your edges. finishedserge

finished corner In order to get a crisp even hem, I pressed the sheet all around 1/2 inch. Once finished I cut four pieces of 3/8 elastic, 15 inches long. I folded each piece of elastic in half and placed the elastic in the middle of each corner’s seam(there will be 7.5 inches on either side). I then sewed it in placed and backstitched. attachedelastic I then measured 12 inches in each direction and used a straight stitch to hold the elastic in place on both sides(so you will have three lines of stitches on each piece of elastic). elastic sewed down

12inchstretch Using the zigzag stitch, I pulled on the elastic with the fabric until it was taut and began to sew all around the sheet. Just to add extra stability, I repeated this step. You will get a good workout on your arms holding the fabric and pulling for about 230 inches! Last step is to fold the fabric and elastic down using the crease where you pressed it before. Sew all the way around. IMPORTANT: Stretch the fabric where elastic is located. zigzag sewing

finished sewed elastic corner I used my coverstitch machine with two needles for a more professional look. backside of coverstitch

frontside of coverstitch You can do the same with a double needle or sewing around the sheet twice and spacing between your stitches. That’s all! A quick and easy crib sheet!

For those Princess and the Frog fans, below are photos of a crib sheet I made using serged edges and finished with a single stitch. As you can see, there are many different ways to make your own one-of-a-kind crib sheet!






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3 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Crib Sheet

  • Suzanne says:

    Have you used the coversitch machine to make flat cot sheets or bunny rugs/receiving blankets. I have a lot to sew and was wondering if anyone had used the coverstitch for this purpose. There is very little I can find on the net for the coverstich and no basic DVD either.

    • Parlille says:

      Hello Suzanne! If you want to learn more about coverstitch machine, I recommend the craftsy class with Angela Wolf. After I saw her class that is why I bought my machine. The Janome comes with a DVD. You can also find short tutorials on YouTube. I love the coverstitch for the professional finished look on edges.

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