Ideas for Those with Limited Time, but Unlimited Passion for Sewing

Sewing Patches on a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Do you have a bike rider in your family? Want to give them a great present? Try sewing on their patches. This task can be daunting because you don’t want to ruin the jacket, but with these tricks, you should be on your way to success!

1. Use a new size 16 needle.
2. I recommend using mercerized cotton thread for top thread that matches areas that you will stitch and a black nylon thread for bobbin to match the lining of the coat if it is polyester and black. If it is cotton use the same as the top thread.
3. Place patch on with painter’s tape to hold in place. No other tape really works as well.
4. Sew around the shape slowly, pausing to make sure that the stitches are lined up and that the lining is not caught.
5. Stitch over the beginning stitches by at least one quarter of an inch to make sure that they are secure. If you have a “fix” button on your machine that will work as well if used at the beginning and end of the patch.


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