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How to “Upgrade” a plain Onesie

After receiving the good news that one of my friends was expecting a new baby, I started looking for all kinds of cute embroidery designs. Since she is still in the first trimester and does not know the sex of the baby yet, I picked a unisex design and color.

star baby onesie
I finally learned how to rotate my designs, so I was able to use my small hoop and turn the onesie to the side.


Since this is for a newborn and it is best not to have anything extra on their sensitive skin, I used Pellon Wash Away Embroidery Interfacing 541. pellon 541I only cut a piece that would go across the middle of my hoop. Once attached I set my machine to start stitching. I put my machine speed down to about 40% of maximum speed and there were no thread issues.(until I took this picture, I did not notice that my machine speed control lever was greased underneath…maybe greased for ease!:-) lowspeed

My original plan was just to put a smiling star on the onesie, but I decided that it needed more and added “Star Baby”, why not!


Luckily I still had the onesie in the hoop so no problem with alignment. I choose a “kid” font and added the text below the star.

I trimmed the stabilizer off and then sprayed the remaining stabilizer with water. I then ironed it out. It will be washed, but I wanted to first prep the “Star Baby Onesie” for pictures!

You can find or make your own quick embroidery. Even if you do not have a machine, you can do a quick design like this by hand. If you have any questions, just email me at and I will help you if I can!

3 thoughts on “How to “Upgrade” a plain Onesie

  • Leslie says:

    Your talent is so awesome, this is too adorable…Glad that we will be going through this journey together!

  • Parlille says:

    On my next attempt with onesies, I used Pellon tearaway stabilizer on the back and Pellon washable on top. After washing the onesie and removing all extra thread and stabilizer, I added fusible Dream Weave for skin protection.

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